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The model-actress Tanjin Tisha has also caught the attention of the audience in the drama of Eid-ul-Adha as well as Eid-ul-Adha. Most of his plays were the focus of discussion. Details are written by Abhi Moinuddin. From the very beginning of her journey as an actress, Tanjin Tisha used to hear compliments from her co-stars and the audience. However, he was not very serious about acting then.


Starts From Dance

But Tanjin Tisha has started working since this year’s Valentine’s Day, enjoying the performance dedicated to the character. Tanjin Tisha has been proving that her results are good if she acts with her mind since Valentine’s Day.

However, for the last two Eids, he is getting a little more responsibility to his plays. Especially last Eid, several plays starring Tanjin Tisha got a lot of acceptance from the audience. It’s not just the audience that has praised his performance. Many producers, directors, and co-stars have also praised his performance. On Eid-ul-Adha, Mabrur has been praised for Rashid Bannahar’s ‘Bed Scene’ and ‘I Can’t Keep You’, Mahmudur Rahman Himi’s ‘Homecoming’, Rubel Hasan’s ‘When It’s Raining You’ and ‘Love Picture’.

Regarding these plays, Tanjin Tisha said, “It can be said that I have been acting regularly for three years. But I wasn’t serious about acting until last Valentine’s Day. Because I never thought that acting seriously would get a good response from the audience. But ever since I became serious, I started getting a response for my acting drama-telefilm. I started to realize my love as an actress. Then I became more serious at work. ‘Explaining the matter, Tanjin Tisha said,’ As I was very sick during the last Eid work.


About Family Support on Career Journey

I couldn’t even give time to my family. I have tried to work in such a situation just thinking about the audience. I have acted with my mind. As a result, I am getting a response for acting in the mentioned plays. I can’t express in words how much I really like it as an actress. I want to maintain this continuity of love with my work. ‘

So in the coming days, you will be found acting regularly? In response to such a question, Tisha said, “I will act as long as I am a favorite of the audience.

If the audience doesn’t like my work anymore, I won’t be at work either. ‘ Tisha replied with a smile. Said, ‘Birth, death, marriage are in the hands of Allah. Marriage will take place only when Allah wills. I also have a plan in this case. ‘

But what if your husband doesn’t let you act after marriage? ‘I will marry someone who will evaluate my work, me properly. However, it is also true that the family of girls after marriage is also a major issue. If I can keep both my job and my family, it will be a happy world for me, said Tisha.


Tanjin Tisha Movie

Many say you should come to the movies right now. What do you think about this? Tisha said, ‘I definitely want to act in films. However, I think I have not yet come up with a story and character to act in. But if it is, then it is not.

I’m not thinking too seriously about it. ’Do you think the dream of becoming a producer peeks out? This time Tanjin Tisha thought a little too much. Then he said, ‘The manufacturer has to work with a very cool head. From one place he has to think of the whole unit. Basically being a creator is a very difficult job. It’s hard for me to think about this at the moment. ‘

Where do you dream to see yourself in the world of acting? ‘I was so emotional before, I understood less of reality. But now I am much more realistic. It is also emotional, but emotion is a little less than before. I think I’m on the right track now.

If that is the case then with the cooperation of all, with the blessings of all I will reach a better position in the future inshallah. I want to be a real actress. I want to be a good child of my parents, a good wife, a good mother, above all a good person. ‘

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